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ATM Pricing

Because of competition and falling technology prices, ATM prices have come down by more than half since the ATM boom that began in 1996 - but they are still a major investment. Now, they run anywhere from $2,500 to $40,000.

You can connect the ATM machine to a DSL or to an ongoing costs include a phone line (~$25 per month), power, professional cash loading service (you may hire someone to fund the ATMs or you can do it yourself), and replacement receipt paper. Other optional costs include an additional cash cassette (required if you will be doing business with an armored car service), and extended warranty or service agreement.

AMS is not afraid of educating you on the best value to you. AMS does charge a processing fee of $10 per month which it wants you to make sure you include in your assessment when planning for an ATM machine. Furthermore, you should note that AMS offers price promotions twice a year - Ask our sales associates for this promotion.

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Making money from ATMs

To offset these expenses, you can make money with your ATM via surcharges. Determining how much to charge is up to you - surcharges range from one dollar to nine dollars depending on the location with an industry average surcharge of $2.50. At the average surcharge, if you were to process 300 transactions per month, your ATM would generate $750 per month or $9000 per year in revenue.

The percentage of that surcharge revenue you take depends on how involved the vendor is in managing your machine. If the ATM provider does nothing but install the machine and process transactions, you can earn up to 100% of the surcharge. If the supplier underwrites the cost of the machine, maintains it, and/or stocks the machine with cash, your percentage drops accordingly.

Do the math and you can see that the revenue earned on each transaction, between 35% and 100% percent of the $1 to $3 surcharge, can add up. A good rule of thumb is that the ATM should be able to pay for itself in a year. Plus, there are the soft benefits: on average, ATM users spend 20 to 25 percent more than customers who do not use an ATM, according to research from ATM Marketplace.

AMS believes that a knowledgeable customer is good for the benefits of both our organizations.

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AMS as a supplier tend to sell the Nautilus Hyosung models. This allows us to stock the right parts and have the expertise necessary to support them effectively. You should try to select your machine from the main brands our company supports.

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Customer Service

Do not overlook customer service. Although ATMs are highly reliable and will last for years, they are often subject to user error and can break down from time to time. AMS as your vendor has a call center that will help troubleshoot problems? AMS has local technicians available to fix your machine when it breaks down. Our turnaround is unparalleled. In most major centers our technicians will correct the problem within 24 hours. Our experience is that majority of issues can be corrected remotely and online.

Any ATM company you work with should be open about their relationship with manufacturers and processing networks. AMS is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) as well as a Nautilus Hyosung Distributor. We are proud of our company's reputation and are glad to put you together with existing clients and with our manufacturer and processing networks. We are ready and able to service your account.

We are not intent on winning your business that we would offer you deals that are "too good to be true." Unlike many other ATM companies AMS is not amassing a portfolio of clients to boost the value of the company for a future sale. We are simply winning market share based on our value add, quality and service.

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Join the Trend

While credit, debit, and smart card use is exploding, cash is still king. Cash remains the fastest and most effective way to make purchases at retail locations like food courts, Gas Stations, convenience stores, and nightclubs. Automatic teller machines (ATMs) ensure that cash is easily accessible, whenever and wherever someone needs cash.

You have probably noticed ATMs popping up all over - they are no longer found only in banks. In fact , about 62 percent of ATMs are now located at non-bank locations, according to ATM Marketplace. Is your business ready to join this trend?

Installing an ATM can be good for your business. An ATM can reduce credit-card processing fees, increase visitors, and eliminate bad checks. And, if your business has enough traffic, you can even make money with an ATM.

AMS will get you up to speed on your ATM options, and tell you how much you can expect to pay for an ATM machine and explain to you how you make money with your ATM purchase.

Most importantly we will share with you why you should choose AMS as your supplier.

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