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Back on April 1, 1996, the ATM industry changed completely. On that date, the two largest national ATM networks, Cirrus and PLUS, lifted the long-time national ban on ATM surcharging. That created a surge in the number of independent ATM companies, and helped lower the costs of owning and maintaining ATMs for small and medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to that change, you will probably get your ATM from an independent vendor. These vendors are either authorized distributors for ATM manufacturers or sales agents for these distributors. Although some banks still provide ATMs, they are extremely selective and usually place them in locations where they can expect at least 1,000 transactions each month.

ATM vendors will sell, install and service your cash machine. They will also manage the transaction processing. Choosing a vendor is a matter of finding one that offers the product you want at a fair price and can deliver the ongoing support you need.

Delivering customers the best shopping experience is essential to success. Providing the means to do it conveniently and with an unparalleled ease of use is key. Whether you represent a large national retail chain, are a regional operator, or a single-unit store, AMS has a product line to meet your needs.

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