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SUB-ISO Processing (Recommended!!!)

Sub-Iso are companies or individuals with an existing client base who are looking to process their ATM at a great return with very little processing fee. AMS offers the best packages in the market and we encourage you to consider this option as it is the most lucrative option available.

Selling Partner

As a selling partner you will be allowed to represent AMS product line and sell your own clients our entire line of ATM machines. AMS will provide the service and processing. See "Become a Client" for more information.

Processing Partner

This option allows you to switch your existing processing from a different carrier to our network. Just because you didn't purchase your machine with AMS doesn't mean we can't help your business.

Replacement Program

This program presents you with an investment opportunity where you can purchase machines and place them in different locations. By vending and funding the ATM machine, AMS can secure your investment through mutual contracts between AMS, the location owner, and you! In return AMS issues a percentage of the surcharge to you, the investor, and the location owner.

Vending Only

This is a different investment opportunity where the investor can purchase the ATM machine, place it in the location, and the location owner funds the machine. AMS pays both the investor and the location owner based on the number of transactions.

Important Note:

We encourage you to contact our sales office at (248) 473-8117 or 248-473-8117 should you have any comments, questions, or concerns.

We encourage you to contact us in conjunction with your submission of the application for assistance with the form and a general briefing of our distributor program.

Got questions?

Please contact sales at: and we'll respond promptly.

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