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Check Cashing

Program especially designed for retail operations and Gas Stations:

  • Guaranteed Check Program.
  • No Check Cashing license required.
  • Full reporting capabilities for management and regulatory purposes.
  • Customer service, training and technical support with a state-of-the-art operational center.
  • Funds corresponding to authorized and processed checks will be loaded into your customerís Prepaid Debit Cards.

Merchant Benefits:

  • Significant increases in revenues.
  • No need to handle cash.
  • Transactional fees.
  • No risks and no need for collection processes.
  • Loading checks into cards almost immediately.
  • Increased walk-in traffic.
  • Captive customers with purchasing power significantly improved.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Simplicity of use at teller level - no data input, just scans ID and check.
  • Run transactions electronically in a matter of seconds.

Check Cashing

Load Payroll and Government checks into Prepaid Card

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