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Authorized Service Provider (ASP) program

AMS is an authorized Service Dealer for Nautilus Hyosung

Please read on to review the value AMS brings by being part of the Nautilus Hyosung ASP:

What are the benefits of having AMS as an ASP?

  • The right to purchase (or warranty) parts directly from Nautilus Hyosung at a discounted rate and as such pass them on to the client.
  • Access to Nautilus Hyosung Technical Support directly.
  • Nautilus Hyosung Mini-Bank Service Manual and tools.
  • Special access to website for software and technical updates.
  • Access to Tranax service database in the future.

What services does AMS provide as an ASP?

An ASP will provide services to troubleshoot, repair, replace or upgrade many of the components of the Tranax Mini-Bank including:

  • Application and ROM upgrade.
  • Printer testing and basic repair.
  • Keyboard / card-reader / LCD display troubleshooting.
  • Power supply testing.
  • Cash dispenser diagnostic and basic repair.
  • Advanced Remote management software, installation and use.

How did AMS qualify to be an ASP?

  • Must have at least one certified technician and must maintain a reasonable facility, office hours, parts and telephone support. An ASP must also have the necessary tools and equipment to provide service.
  • The ASP technician must participate in any service and technical training offered by Tranax Technologies.
  • Must have an e-mail account and access to the internet.
  • Those who successfully pass the program are expected to remain competent at this level of support. Successfully maintaining ASP status and proficiency will then pave the way for higher level of training and Tranax Authorized Service Center certification (ASC) in the future.

What is it?

The Authorized Service Provider (ASP) program offer training programs and certification on the maintenance and service of Tranx' entire line of ATMs.

As an ASP AMS received certain benefits and support as outlined below.In turn, as your ATM provider , is able to support your installation and service effectively and efficiently.

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